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Oral Health-Friendly Christmas Treats

Oral Health-Friendly Christmas Treats

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, particularly when it comes to delicious food to eat! Unfortunately, all those treats, sweets and baked goodies can have a negative effect on children's oral health.

As you probably know, if you’re a regular reader of the Smile Town Langley blog, sugar can have a serious negative impact on oral health.

During Christmas time, many children wind up eating more refined carbohydrates and sugary treats than they usually do. This means that oral health can suffer.

To counteract all that extra sugar, the best thing you can do is to take extra care with your children’s oral health care routine. That means

  • making sure they take more time and care when brushing and flossing,
  • having them brush and floss more often (for instance, after each meal or treat),
  • adding additional elements to their dental hygiene routine, such as dental picks or mouthwash, and
  • making an appointment for a cleaning with your Langley children's dentist once the holiday season is through.

Some Healthier Choices

Of course, another great way to curb children’s sugar intake a bit during the holiday season is to make healthier alternatives readily available. Luckily, 'healthy' and 'festive' are far from mutually exclusive! Take a look at this selection of some our favorite healthy Christmas treats from around the web:

Santa Strawberries | Leanne Bakes Blog

Cheesy Snowman | Martha Stewart

Caprese Wreath | Veggie Wala Blog

Santa Claus Crackers | Martha Stewart

Watermelon Snowman | Modern Mom Blog

Edible Christmas Tree | Prajakta Gudadhe - Ginger & Garlic Blog

Happy Holidays from the SmileTown Dentistry Team!

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