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Smile Town General Dentistry Services

From caries control, mouth guards and sealants, to breaking thumb sucking habits, general dentistry for children involves a variety of care and treatment options unique to their needs as they grow. 

General Dentistry Services Children, Langley

Caries Control & Fillings

Children are at a higher risk for tooth decay than adults are for a few reasons. That's why caries control is one of the main aspects of children's oral health care. > Learn More

Gum Therapy

Many people think gum disease is a condition that primarily affects adults. However, teenagers and even younger children are at a risk for gum disease (or its milder form, gingivitis). At Smile Town Dentistry in Langley, we provide gum disease therapy for children. > Learn More

Mouth Guards

Children who play sports where there is a risk of injury to the mouth, face or head should wear custom-made mouth guards whenever they step out onto the field, court, or into the rink. > Learn More

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers preserve the space in the mouth left behind by baby teeth that have fallen out prematurely, providing room for the emerging adult teeth to grow in properly. > Learn More

Thumb Sucking Habit Breaking

When a thumb sucking habit continues after permanent teeth have erupted, it can cause speech, social, and dental problems. The Smile Town Dentistry team can help your child break this habit. > Learn More

Tooth Eruption

The Smile Town team will guide you and your child through all the stages of tooth eruption, from baby teeth to adult teeth. > Learn More

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