• Visiting the dentist can be fun!

    Visiting the dentist can be fun!

    At Smile Town Dentistry in Langley, our kid-focussed approach means your children will actually look forward to their next visit to the dentist.

    And you'll look forward to the peace of mind that brings.

  • Offering Invisalign First for Kids.

    Offering Invisalign First for Kids.

    At Smile Town Dentistry in Langley, we provide early orthodontic treatment with Invisalign First for children.

    Straight smiles are healthy smiles.

  • We understand busy kids on the go!

    We understand busy kids on the go!

    We know that it's always easier if we keep kids moving. At Smile Town Dentistry in Langley, they'll have lots to occupy them.

    And that means you can sit back and relax!

  • Every kid deserves a healthy smile.

    Every kid deserves a healthy smile.

    Smile Town Dentistry specializes in smiles at all stages of development, from babyhood through to the teen years. 

    We're committed to your children's lifelong dental health.

  • Great oral health starts now.

    Great oral health starts now.

    We'll teach your kids the dental hygiene habits that will keep their smiles healthy for the rest of their lives.

    We'll make dental health easy for you – and fun for them!

Special Needs Childrens Dentist Langley

Special Needs Dentistry

Dr. Chadha specializes in dental care for children with special needs.

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Why Choose Smile Town?

Our fun dental office is designed to be engaging for children of all ages.

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Free Wifi, Childrens Dentist, Langley

Early Orthodontics

Early orthodontic intervention can reduce the need for braces when children are older.

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Convenient Location & Parking

Easy access and 3 hour free parking make visiting our office a breeze.


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At Smile Town Langley, kids come first!

Smile Town Langley Childrens Dentist

Smile Town Dentistry in Langley is designed with kids' needs in mind – from the waiting area that keeps them occupied and having fun, to dentists who encourage parents to take part in their children's dental care. Whether you're a new mom looking for the right dentist for your baby, or a busy parent trying to find for a convenient dentist for your children, Smile Town Dentistry is the right place for you!

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