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Smoking & Oral Health

Smoking & Oral Health

At Smile Town Langley, we know that resisting peer pressure can sometimes be extremely difficult for teens. But there is never a better time to resist than when it comes to smoking – both for the sake of overall health, and the health of your teeth.

Most people know all about the elevated risk of lung cancer that comes along with smoking, but many aren’t as aware of the oral health problems that smoking can cause.

Some of these problems, such as tooth discolouration and bad breath are simply unpleasant to the senses, but there are also many serious oral health risks that teens take when they decide to light up.

Cigarette smoking can cause increased buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. This leads to cavities and tooth sensitivity as the acid in the plaque eats away at tooth enamel and dentin.

More tartar and plaque can also cause gum disease to develop, which can eventually result in tooth loss, and loss of bone density within the jaw.

And of course, smoking also increases the risk of oral cancer.

How can stop my teen from smoking?

The best way to prevent your teen from smoking is by making sure he or she is educated about the risks associated with it.

Ideally, you should start talking to your children about the risks of smoking as soon as they’re old enough to understand. But, it’s never too late to talk to your teen about smoking!

Prepare a bit by doing some research ahead of time, and then sit your teen down for a earnest, straightforward discussion about the risks associated with smoking.

Be sure to bring up the serious health issues, of course, but don’t forget to mention things like bad breath and discoloured teeth. Teenagers can be awfully self-conscious about their appearances and what their friends think, so bringing up these elements can have a surprisingly big impact.

If you need help talking to your teen about the oral health risks associated with smoking, contact Smile Town Langley today!

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