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Stages of Oral Development 6 - 12

Stages of Oral Development 6 - 12

A lot of changes take place inside of children’s mouths between the ages of 6 and 12. By the end of this period, almost all of the permanent teeth will have erupted.

In fact, this period encompasses more or less the whole eruption process of the adult teeth.

Although in some children, permanent teeth begin to come in slightly earlier than this, and though the wisdom teeth usually only erupt in the late teens or early 20s, this is the time period during which the most significant permanent tooth eruption occurs.

Most parents find this time period a particularly cute one in their children, because their mouths are typically in a continuous and varied state of toothlessness that can be quite endearing. And of course, this is also the exciting time when visits from the tooth fairy are a regular occurrence!

Oral Hygiene

By the age of 6, most children are capable of brushing and flossing independently, with some supervision. By the time they’re 12, children should have a thorough understanding of the importance of regular oral hygiene, and can be trusted to brush and floss carefully and scrupulously, provided they’ve had lots of guidance growing up.

Of course, 12 year olds are also at a point when they’re just about to enter their teen years. They can be little more independent and a little more rebellious, meaning that as a parent you may have to reassert the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Much of this depends on your child’s personality, his or her experiences with oral care, and how meticulous his or her oral hygiene routine has been throughout childhood.

If you have questions about the various oral development stages that your child will go through, you can learn more about them here and here, or you can always get in touch with our practice to book a consultation!

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