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A Few Great Youtube Videos About Dental Health for Kids

Here on the SmileTown Langley blog, we often recommend children’s books about dental health and oral hygiene. But today, we’d like to share a couple of great Youtube videos about dental health for children.

Most kids enjoy watching videos on Youtube, and you can use that to your advantage when it comes to teaching your kids about oral health!

There’s a surprising amount of fun, informative videos on Youtube about dental health, ranging in topic from visiting the dentist and getting fillings, to at home oral hygiene.

The following are just a few of the fun Youtube videos we’ve found about oral health for children:

1. This video from My Kid’s Dentist is a great overview of why we visit the dentist, and what happens during a dental appointment:

3.This video, also from My Kid’s Dentist, tells us all about why we need to brush and floss our teeth carefully twice a day, and how to get the job done right!:

2. From Colgate Kids, this video walks kids through each step of brushing, to help remove all the ‘nasties’ from their mouths:

4. And last but not least, this video from Colgate, in which Dr. Rabbit teaches Emily why brushing and flossing every night before bed is so important:

If you would like some more guidance on teaching your kids about the importance of good oral health, please feel free to contact the SmileTown Langley team!

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