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Electric Toothbrushes For Children: What You Should Know

Electric Toothbrushes For Children: What You Should Know

Children who struggle to maintain good oral hygiene with a manual toothbrush often find an electric toothbrush quite helpful. Here are some of the reasons that electric toothbrushes are such useful dental hygiene tool – particularly for kids.

Electric toothbrushes clean teeth more thoroughly.

Electric brushes are the clear winner over manual brushes when it comes to efficiently and thoroughly cleaning teeth.

The whirring, fast-moving bristles remove plaque better and more efficiently, and their design makes it much easier to clean hard-to-reach areas, like the backs of the molars.

Electric toothbrushes are also a great choice for kids who are lazy brushers, since they require a lot less work for a really good clean!

They keep you from brushing too hard.

This one may surprise you; you would think the fast whirring motion would make it much harder to brush gently with an electric toothbrush.

But in fact it’s really quite easy to be gentle with an electric toothbrush, since you’re not actually making the brushing motions yourself. Your only job is to guide the electric toothbrush lightly along the surfaces of your teeth, letting it do all the work.

They’re easier to use for children with dexterity issues.

For children who are very young or who have manual dexterity delays, regular manual toothbrushes can be quite tricky to use. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, have bigger handles, making them easier to grip. And since the electric toothbrush does the actual brushing work, your child can simply guide it around his mouth for a good, thorough clean.

Their built-in timers let your child know how long to brush.

While your children may know that they’re supposed to brush their teeth for about 2 minutes during each brushing session, it’s hard to tell how long that actually is. Most current electric toothbrush models have timers built right in that go off after two minutes, making it a no brainer.

If you think your child could benefit from an electric toothbrush, but you still have some questions, we can help! Contact SmileTown Langley today.

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