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Baby’s First Year of Oral Health: Tips for Parents

Baby’s First Year of Oral Health: Tips for Parents

Here are a few tips for parents from our Smile Town Langley children’s dentist on how to handle baby’s first year of dental health.

Baby teeth usually start to erupt when children are between six and nine months of age. These first teeth are very important, as they help your child eat and speak, and eventually guide the adult teeth into the proper.

Baby teeth must be cleaned on a regular basis from the moment they start to erupt. Infants can get cavities just like older children and adults, so be sure to clean your baby’s teeth and mouth after each feeding.

Tips for Mom & Dad

  • If your baby’s teeth are too small for an infant toothbrush, you can simply use a piece of gauze or a wet facecloth to gently wipe teeth and gums. This keeps the mouth clean, it also prepares your baby early for what will become a lifelong habit.
  • You should bring your child to the dentist for the first time by the age of one year, or when the first teeth appear.
  • Avoid sending your child to bed with fluids other than water in their bottle. Drinks like juice and even milk can contain sugars that cause cavities. If your baby sleeps with a bottle, fill it with water.
  • While brushing after feedings is ideal, if your baby often falls asleep during feeding, you can brush his or her teeth before feeding.

If you have any questions about oral health care for babies, please feel free to contact our Langley children’s dentists any time!

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