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Book: You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?

Book: You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt's wonderful children's book  You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? is the essential guide for every kid who loses a tooth!

Kids are losing their teeth all over America and just guess who has to gather them all up, and leave coins in their places to boot? The Tooth Fairy does! Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt's delightful tooth fairy has to navigate all of the hurdles that come with the job, like dodging curious pets and making sure she’s never seen.

It’s a big job, but someone’s got to do it.

If you ever find yourself thinking, “gee, it must be easy being the Tooth Fairy,” then this book will teach you just how wrong you are!

Pick up this book today and enjoy a fun and funny read with your kids about the tooth fairy.

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