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Protect That Smile: Mouth Guards For Children & Teens

Protect That Smile: Mouth Guards For Children & Teens

Injuries can happen to your child or teen's face and teeth when they're playing sports, riding bikes and more. Our Langley children's dentists explain how a mouth guard can help protect their young smiles.

Mouth guards are a great way to protect children's teeth during a variety of activities. Generally worn during sports activities, mouth guards can help protect your child's teeth, jaw, face and head from injury.

Severe teeth-grinding can lead to headaches, tooth pain, jaw pain or even worn down teeth. If your child frequently grinds their teeth a mouth guard may also help protect their teeth from the effects of grinding. 

Although there are a number of off-the-shelf mouth guards available, it's best to visit your dentist to get your child fitted for their own custom mouth guard.

A custom-made mouth guard will provide your child with the best comfort, fit and protection for their developing smile.

Bring your child's mouth guard along to each of their dental visits in order to make sure it still fits correctly as they grow.

If you think your child could benefit from a mouth guard, we can help! Contact Smile Town Langley today to book an appointment with one of our children’s dentists.

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